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What is refrigeration?
You cannot make something cold but you can remove the heat. Refrigeration is basically the movement of energy, using a medium or refrigerant you can transfer the heat from a product and expel it by exchanging it with air or water.

Do you service commercial refrigeration in the gold coast?
CSG refrigeration services repair commercial refrigeration systems for a wide range of clients across Brisbane and the gold coast.

What are the common causes of commercial refrigeration break down issues?
There are quite a few checks you can make, first thing is make sure you have power, check circuit board for any circuits that have tripped off. Check all fans are running on condenser and evaporator. Can you hear the compressor running? are the drains blocked causing water to freeze and stop the air flow.

We specialise in the service, installation and sales of commercial refrigeration systems to include supermarket display cases, industrial and commercial refrigerated cool rooms and low temperature freezers.

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